–Jim at lake at Middle Spunk Lake in Avon

Minnesota has been a national leader in protecting our environment, and Jim Read will continue in that tradition. Minnesotans of all political persuasions treasure our rivers, lakes, woods, and streams. We all have a stake in clean air and safe drinking water. If elected Jim will work with everyone, regardless of party, who seeks to preserve and protect our priceless natural bounty.

Climate change is real. The effects of a warming planet are significant and alarming, and already visible in Minnesota.

Renewable energy opportunity is also real and has already spurred new wind and solar businesses and jobs in District 13A and across the state of Minnesota. Investment and jobs in renewable energy are growing by leaps and bounds. Central Minnesota companies transport and install wind and solar energy technology all across the United States. For the people of Central Minnesota, reducing carbon emissions is not an economic sacrifice. It is an economic opportunity.

Renewable energy has expanded in Minnesota because entrepreneurs have seen opportunities, and at key moments the Minnesota Legislature offered incentives and removed obstacles. If elected Jim will build on those efforts and ensure that Minnesota sets an example for other states in addressing the growing threat of climate change.

Minnesota is blessed with clean and abundant surface and ground water. But there are challenges we must face creatively and cooperatively. Many communities in Minnesota have elevated levels of nitrates in their groundwater. Jim is a member of the Avon Area Lakes Association, which is dealing with Eurasian milfoil in our lakes. Starry stonewort has been found in Koronis and Mud Lakes, near Paynesville, and in Grand Lake, near Rockville. These and other water-related issues must be addressed in ways that bring everyone to the table — farmers, homeowners, schools, businesses, public health professionals, and others.

All Minnesotans benefit from Minnesota’s high-quality natural environment, wherever in Minnesota we live, whatever our line of work, and whatever type of outdoor recreation we enjoy.