Jim Read for Minnesota State Representative District 13A

“I am running because we face a number of critical decisions at a time of deepening political division. I believe the best way to bridge these divisions is through individual face to face conversations. I will aim to visit every household in the district, and talk with every voter I meet, regardless of party. I cannot guarantee we will always agree. But I promise always to listen.”

Jim Read lives in Avon with his wife Pia, who teaches at St. Cloud Technical and Community College.  Jim has taught at the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University since 1988. He encourages young men and women of all political persuasions to become active and informed citizens. He teaches and writes about the framers of the U.S. Constitution, and is currently writing a book about Abraham Lincoln.

Jim ran for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 1992 and came within 98 votes, proving to him that every vote matters. He enjoys talking with voters one on one, and looks forward to door knocking every city and township in District 13A.

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DISHONEST "PUSH-POLL" ALERT. A voter in Paynesville Township called me yesterday to say she had received a detailed, deeply dishonest "push-poll" targeted against my campaign. She said the caller had claimed that my opponent supported health care, and I did not; my opponent favored funding roads and bridges, while I did not; and that I was in favor of gutting environmental protections. Each of these was followed by a "push" question: "Would this make you less likely to support Jim Read?"
The dishonesty of this poll is obvious to anyone who looks at the issues section of my campaign website, where my support for improved health care coverage, investing in transportation infrastructure, and protecting Minnesota's environment is obvious even on a quick look. The woman who called me said she was not able to find out who was paying for the poll.
I do not believe my opponent was responsible for this poll, and she may not know who is doing it, though her campaign is the intended beneficiary.
This is another instance of the corruption of our politics by "dark money" -- messages and activities that no one takes responsibility for, and whose funding source remains hidden. The best way way to fight this kind of political rot is to expose it to the light of publicity. I am meeting with a reporter next week who is covering my race, and I will mention this development.
In the meantime, if you are the recipient of anything similar, please let me know.
At the end of the call, the voter told the caller that she was even more likely to support my campaign than before. She told me she now planned to donate to my campaign, and was willing to host a yard sign.
Thank you. This is the best way to fight this kind of dishonesty. Make it fail.
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Improve Health Coverage

Jim Read believes that, whatever happens in Washington, we in Minnesota must take responsibility for ensuring affordable health care to everyone in our state. As he campaigns go door to door in District 13A, he will invite voters to describe their own experiences with our health care system, and how they believe it can be improved.

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Expand Economic Opportunity

Jim Read believes in real economic opportunity for all Minnesotans, regardless of family background or what part of Minnesota they live in.

If elected, Jim will work to create conditions that enable our local businesses to grow and hire, and our workers and their families to thrive.

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Ensure Educational Excellence

Minnesota’s economy and high quality of life depend on excellent education at all levels.
Jim Read will work with teachers, principals, parents, and community leaders to improve success for children of all backgrounds and incomes, and to make post-secondary options available and affordable to graduates of all interests and career paths.

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